Teenage Girls + Mental Health

During Term 3, we ran an INSPIRE Adventure Therapy day programme (one day a week over eight weeks) for young women who have been struggling with their mental health.

Here are some quotes from the young women who attended:

“I feel hopeful about my future and that life is worth living. Before this course, I saw no purpose in life. This course has made me see the beauty in life. I no longer feel alone.”

“I have learnt to trust my thoughts and opinions. I have learnt how to handle my stress and calm myself down. This will help me to get better and recover from my depression.”

“I have learnt new skills for problem solving. This course has changed how I view life and my purpose of living.”

“It has been helpful to know how to manage my feelings and this has helped my relationships with my mum and my sister.”

“I learnt that there are always other people to help you [when you are] in need, so in the future, when I am stressed, I can always ask for help.”

“It has reminded me that there are others that have similar feelings about life and that I am not alone.”

What happened on the INSPIRE programme?

Instructors April and Justine took the young women on a different Christchurch-based adventure each week, including kayaking, coastal hīkoi (walk), high ropes confidence course, raft building, biking, and bush activities.

As well as the outdoor adventure activities, there was a daily theme which was woven into the activities and group discussions. The themes included:

  • Discovering your strengths and building self-worth;
  • Taha Hinengaro (wellbeing of the mind) and self-kindness;
  • Taha Wairua (spirituality), awe and wonder, connection to the land and to nature;
  • Whanaungatanga (family and community), our support networks, repairing and strengthening relationships;
  • Tools for building hauora (health and wellbeing), managing anxiety, recognising glimmers of joy, mindfulness, gratitude.


Want to find out more about our INSPIRE programme? Or come along next time? Find out more about INSPIRE Auckland and INSPIRE Christchurch. Want to learn more about Adventure Therapy? Read about it on our website or pop in for a chat and a cuppa at our Auckland or Christchurch offices.

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