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Lockdown update from Tim, our CEO

Another lockdown update from Tim, our CEO: “Our Christchurch branch is back operating, which is great! Although there is a lot of juggling with cancellations and postponements and rescheduling. “Auckland continues to be unable to operate. We are trying to keep staff busy with some admin tasks that can be done from home. We even […]

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Flashback to the past!

Flashback to Adventure Specialties from a little while ago … Glenda (co-founder of Adventure Specialties with her husband, Lyndsay) gives the captions to these photos: “Photo 1 looks like a Henderson high school journey programme with Joy Mentzer and Lyndsay instructing. The photo must have been taken before they took off as Lyns is holding […]

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Five Fun Facts about Jeff

I really like trees. I love the satisfaction that comes from growing trees.  We have a small revegetation project on our property which we have put about 3000 natives into so far and am continually raising seedlings for each planting season. On the rest of our property I like growing trees for autumn colour and […]

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Best part? Worst part?

What has your experience of Lockdown 2.0 been? What has been the best part and the worst part for you and your bubble? Here are some replies from the Adventure Specialties Trust crew: Tim, our CEO, says, “BEST PART not driving in rush hour traffic. WORST PART not being able to hit the surf.” April, […]

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Māori word of the month: Awa

Do you have any Māori words that mean something special to you or that you think sound beautiful? Some of the staff at Adventure Specialties Trust have quite a lot of Māori vocabulary already, but I am very much a beginner! “Awa” is a very basic word, but I’ve only just learned it and it […]

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