Outdoor Education

Fun, safe, educational and adventurous outdoor experiences for Years 5 to 13

We are passionate about giving every kiwi kid the opportunity to experience the great outdoors and can support your school in delivering your EOTC and NCEA outdoor education goals.

Whether it’s facilitating raft building for a fun day outdoors, incorporating high ropes and orienteering into school camps or taking high school students on a whitewater kayaking adventure, we work in partnership with your school to plan and run activities that fit with your school’s particular values.

Secondary school programmes

We work with students studying Outdoor Education by providing a platform for them to learn how to safely complete activities such as whitewater and sea kayaking, bush skills and tramping, while building developmental skills such as leadership.

Our staff are qualified to provide the technical tuition and adventure experiences to support your NCEA Physical Education curriculum Levels 1 to 3.

We also offer a range of specialised programmes that are designed to focus on and foster leadership and youth development.

Intermediate school programmes

We offer activities and programmes designed to enhance school camps and day trips that can foster leadership skills and personal growth. We work with your school to plan and run activities which correspond to your school values. A focus on perseverance, for example, could see children participating in a high ropes course and learning not to give up the first time, that it’s not about getting to the top but setting personal goals and giving it a go.

If your school is offering the William Pike challenge programme, we can partner with you to provide adventure challenge days.

We design adventurous programmes that are fun, safe and that will holistically develop your students. Together we can create experiences that enhance your young people’s resilience, spunk and the confidence to be their best selves.

Staff training

Let us help plan your next personal development training event.  We can train and assess your staff to nationally recognised Outdoor Leader Awards.

Leadership and Youth Development

Tailored programmes connected to your school values that foster development.

Youth Development

Learn about our 10-day life-changing expedition called The Journey and our single-day adventures through Inspire.

“Adventure Specialties are a trusted provider for our school and Board of Trustees.

… We engage with them because we have developed a level of professional trust in their organization and we hugely appreciate the level of support that they offer our staff and students. We would highly recommend them to any other organization with similar needs.”

Ohoka School

Deputy Principal

“Life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forwards.”