Go on, jump in, get your hands dirty and knees scuffed …
Become your own legend.

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Extending Horizons

“Only those who risk going too far can possibly find out how far they can go.”
—T.S. Eliot

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Everyday Heroes

Self-growth is often uncomfortable, never easy, but always worth the effort. Journey with us, conquer fears, develop confidence and along the way become your unique version of an ‘everyday hero’.

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Journey with us.

Supporting individuals to conquer their fears, develop confidence and become their unique version of an everyday hero.

We all know that the best gift anyone can give is to believe in who we are. As fellow outdoor and “life” adventurers, we understand the transformative power of experiential learning in wilderness spaces – conquering obstacles that appear too hard, too immense, too overwhelming for mere humans such as ourselves.

At Adventure Specialties, we believe that every person has untapped potential waiting to be discovered. We’re interested in investing in people’s lives so they can leave these spaces feeling empowered — with new courage to take control of their lives and relationships. We know they’ve got it in them. We develop “life” adventurers with courageous hearts.

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Through our fast and furious teenage years, our music idols, tennis champions and international olympians came and went — but the people who walked alongside us in the dark, mundane, or exhilarating times in our lives, our mentors, those who believed in us or showed us a better way, we will always remember those.

These ‘everyday heroes’ were the ones who stepped off their pedestals (real or imagined), offered their time, their courage and their knowledge — they took the time to know us and see us, who looked us in the eye and left their mark indelibly on our journey.


Adventure Specialties prides itself on the relational, ‘down to earth’ approach that we take with each of our participants to meet each individuals where they’re at, to understand the combination of these needs in a group setting and then to tailor a program that will unearth and maximise each the individual and collective potential.

The goal? So that every individual expands their horizons, conquer their fears, develops in confidence and becomes their unique version of an ‘everyday hero’.


Outdoor education, EOTC experiences and youth development programmes with a difference.


Adventure programmes designed to enhance the work of community and social service agencies.


Adventures, challenges, teamwork, facilitated discussion and reflection to develop the social and emotional skills needed to live a full and healthy life.


Tours for international tertiary and secondary education groups.


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Scope Article: Andy’s Interview with Scope Aotearoa

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Breakaway October 2020

Breakaway October 2020

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Adventure Aotearoa Māori

Adventure Aotearoa Māori

We're super excited to be partnering with some amazing organisations to offer an epic six-day journey designed to ...

“It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves.”



Check out how our eight week Inspire adventure programme with Te Puna Wai is teaching invaluable life skills, helping get kids back on track.

“Life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forwards.”


The best gift anyone can receive is to believe in themselves and who they are.
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