Tailor-made programmes to meet your school’s unique needs and objectives

The journey from adolescence to adulthood can be uncomfortable and challenging yet it is one of incredible personal growth and self discovery.
We understand young people and can work alongside your school to create a specialised programme that facilitates self-growth, leadership and character development in your students.
Character development for a whole year group

One of the unique experiences schools in Aotearoa offer are camps and outdoor programmes that focus on the specific needs of a whole year group in order to maximise their holistic development. These opportunities aspire to shape the character of the students so that they may succeed both in the school environment and beyond. There are many models that exist from half-year “live in” programmes to action-packed day programmes. We will work with your school to create a programme that fosters development, putting theory into practice. We will help your students identify the links between concepts learnt through adventurous experiences and your school’s character and values.

Leadership programmes

Student leaders, whether formally appointed “prefects” or natural born influencers, play a significant role in shaping the learning environment of our schools. We can partner with you to invest into these students to ensure they can help form positive school communities.

Our leadership programmes help emerging leaders identify their unique strengths and how they can use their individual talents to affect positive change in their peer groups and the wider community.

This programme provides numerous opportunities for students to demonstrate practical leadership skills, reflect on their leadership practice and apply these skills in their daily life.

Youth Development

Our youth development programmes are based on Adventure Therapy principles and are designed to work with the most vulnerable in the school system.

We partner with student support services, youth workers and pastoral care departments to deliver programmes that help these students develop social and emotional skills, discover their strengths, increase resilience and equip themselves to reach their life goals.

One of our signature programmes is The Journey.

Outdoor Education

NCEA level 1-3, school camps, Duke of Edinburgh and William Pike Challenge trips.

Youth Development

Learn about our 10-day life-changing expedition called The Journey and our single-day adventures through Inspire.

Staff training

Let us help plan your next personal development training event.  We can train and assess your staff to nationally recognised Outdoor Leader Awards.

“Adventure Specialties are a trusted provider for our school and Board of Trustees.

… We engage with them because we have developed a level of professional trust in their organization and we hugely appreciate the level of support that they offer our staff and students. We would highly recommend them to any other organization with similar needs.”

Ohoka School

Deputy Principal

“To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.”