Workplace Wellbeing

Supporting Mental Health and Wellbeing in the Workplace

Are you noticing member of your staff struggling with their mental health and wellbeing? Or people who are not quite fulfiling their potential for unseen reasons?

Our Workplace Wellbeing programmes are small-group outdoor adventure programmes that focus on improving wellbeing for individual employees or teams. Improving employee mental health and wellbeing offers multiple benefits to an employer, plus a return on investment many times over!



Our goal is to help you improve the wellbeing of your team.


We offer two Workplace Wellbeing programmes:



Invest in one (or more) of your employees, sponsoring them to come along on our ‘Boost’ programme, once a week for eight weeks. This length of time allows for a deep investment in their mental health and wellbeing. Boost is an Adventure Therapy programme which includes group therapy activities (like facilitated conversations) as well as outdoor adventure activities.



Get your whole team together (8 or more employees) and head outdoors with us on an adventure-based learning experience for a day (or two or three). Build up team morale and strengthen relationships with this group programme. Discuss with us your specific needs and goals, so we can custom design a programme for you and your staff.



Keep reading below to find out more, or book a meeting with one of our team to learn about what we offer and how we can support you and your team.

“As an employer that values our people, we were looking for courses or programmes that might bring out the best in our team. The staff member who we sponsored on this course transformed over several weeks from shy, quiet and withdrawn to confident, charasmatic and enthusiastic. Not only did we see dramatic improvements in his work, we also saw how much happier he is as a person.”

Nick Mallia

Owner, Mallia Home Centre

“I do not feel alone anymore. I know now that I am not the only person who struggles with work and mental health. I have so many tools now and I know a lot of support exists.”

“I have read about how nature does wonders to your mental and physical health, but to experience it for myself is a whole other level.”

“The connections with people and nature have lifted my mood dramatically and have allowed me to think more positively about my future.”

Previous Participants

From our 8-week Adventure Therapy programmes


What is Boost?

• BOOST is a small group programme – max ten people.
• It is an ‘Adventure Therapy’ programme, a type of therapy that combines outdoor adventure activities with group
therapy activities and facilitated conversations (see Programme Content further down the page for more details).
BOOST is an investment in a solid foundation of employee wellbeing. This could be particularly helpful to someone who has potential for leadership, management or senior positions. Perhaps someone at risk of burnout or needs support managing stress.  Or someone who is held back from fully engaging with their role or with their team in the most productive way because of their mental health.
• It aimed at people who are interested in spending time outdoors and being active. All our activities are
beginner-friendly, but please note that they must be able to comfortably walk for at least 30 minutes and climb a
ladder as a minimum physical capabilities.


• Eight sessions
• One full day each week (during the week) for eight weeks.
• A different outdoor adventure each week – like kayaking, rock climbing, hiking (all beginner-friendly).
• Plus a one-on-one session with our therapist before the programme starts.
• And another one-on-one session with our therapist after the programme, to set a personal wellbeing plan.
• Each session will cover a different theme – including personal strengths, self-care, managing stress, managing
anxiety, confident communication, tools for maintaining wellbeing essential energy and wellbeing planning (see
more details on the next page).
• Our model of ‘one day a week over eight weeks’ allows participants time to reflect on each week’s topic, and the
chance to integrate them into home and work life, before building in more learning the next week.
• Participant will be given a journal which includes information on each day’s theme, plus resources for further
support outside the programme.

What is included?

• 8 days of adventure-based experiential learning
• 1 x experienced mental health professional and 1x qualified outdoor instructor
• Pre and Post course one-on-one session with mental health professional
• All specialist equipment (kayaks, life jackets, rock climbing harness, etc.)
• All food (dietary requirements accommodated)
• Access to supplementary clothing and footwear
• Journal with resources for on-going support

Programme Content


Individual 1-hour Session

Meet with our clinician (therapist), either online or in person, to get to know the clinician and find out more about the course. You will also discuss goals, hopes and current support structures, as well as go through the Medical and Consent form.



Coming together / Whanaungatanga

Today is about coming together with a bunch of other individuals to build the group that will work together for eight weeks! We explore a bit about how our brains are wired, how emotions and personalities work, and how we can all connect in a respectful group.


Uniquely You

Each person has their own strengths, skillsets, interests and abilities that are their super powers in life. We also all have the things we value, the things we hope for in life and the things we prioritize. Today’s session is about reconnecting with who you are, and what those things are for you.


Confident Communication

Some conversations take some courage! We explore what strong relationships look like when they are built on honesty and respect, through communicating needs and boundaries.



Being kind and compassionate to ourselves can be one of the hardest things to do! It can often be significantly harder than being kind or forgiving to others. We explore the idea of being gentle with ourselves.


Managing Anxiety

Anxiety is the overwhelming feeling of worry that can be debilitating. It can last five minutes or entire weeks. We explore a bit about anxiety and the ways it can be managed and contained.


Managing Stress and Burnout

Stress can suck the life force out of us until we hit burnout! This week, we look at stress and how to manage it, to protect our energy so that we don’t end up burnt out.



We discuss the relationships in our lives: How they are going, what role they play in our lives, how we invest in them and keep them healthy.


Essential Energy / Wairuatanga

To finish off the series, we explore energy and motivation. We also take time to celebrate our successes, our hopes for the future, and the closure of the group.


Individual 1-hour Follow Up Session

Meet with our clinician again to reflect on the programme, create a Wellbeing Plan, and discuss your intentions going forward.

A Breath of Fresh Air

What is A Breath of Fresh Air?
  • A Breath of Fresh Air is a custom-designed outdoor adventure wellbeing programme for you and your team.
  • The programme is facilitated by a team of outdoor instructors and mental health professionals.
  • It aimed at people who are interested in spending time outdoors and being active. All our activities are
    beginner-friendly, but please note that they must be able to comfortably walk for at least 30 minutes and climb a
    ladder as a minimum physical capabilities.
  • The programme is custom-designed to meet the needs of your team. We can discuss with you the different options for activity (kayaking, rock climbing, tramping, etc.), time frames, course content and way the programme is facilitated. 
  • The time frames of a programme are very flexible. It could be a part-day or full-day session, or a series of part-day or full-day sessions (e.g. once a week over several weeks). It could also be an overnight adventure or a multi-day expedition! 
  • Options for local day trips could include sea kayaking, rock climbing, orienteering, high ropes, mountain biking or tree planting. 
  • Additional activity options are available for longer trips, including tramping, camping, caving and rafting. 
  • Your safety is extremely important to us and we have a robust safety management system which is externally audited by WorkSafe.  
What is included?
  • A facilitation team consisting of qualified Outdoor Instructors and Mental Health Professionals. 
  • Planning time and programme outline to ensure we are all on the same page about what will be delivered. 
  • All equipment required to participate in the activity 
  • Optional inclusion of transport and food (or you can provide these things if you wish) 
  • Access to view to all our Safety Management System documents relevant to your programme. 
Programme Content

The content of the programme will be custom-designed for your team. In our first meeting, you can tell us about the challenges you are facing and what your needs are.

Do you know what you want your team to focus on? You may have a really clear idea of what you want the focus/theme to be, or we can make some suggestions. Some options are: 

Focus on Improving Relationships    

A number of wellbeing models place relationships and trust as the foundation for a well-functioning team. Sharing an adventure, having fun, connecting with others outside the office, being active together – all of these things can enhance the quality of relationships within a team. 

Focus on Building Interpersonal Skills  

Skills could be around working with others, leading others, having courageous/crucial conversations, conflict resolution, supporting others, etc. 

Focus on Increasing Knowledge 

Employees can understand their colleagues better, and therefore work better together, with an increased knowledge of mental health conditions (like anxiety or stress), different personalities and different strengths, the effects of trauma, etc.

This is often part of ‘Mental Health First Aid’ courses. A Breath of Fresh Air can be another way of delivering that content in a fun-but-challengin outdoor adventure setting. 

What are the Benefits?


Being a great workplace means investing in your staff – building and developing them to fulfil their potential, both as people and workers. Through doing this, you will build your reputation as a great place to work, therefore attracting and retaining the best staff. This will reduce expenses related to staff turnover, recruitment and training.



A team member who is healthy and well is more likely to:

  • Be more engaged in their work,
  • Be more productive,
  • Feel better able to cope with stress and setbacks,
  • Take fewer sick days,
  • Have a more positive influence on those around them,
  • Feel more confident to be creative,
  • Work better with others,
  • Be more optimistic about the future, and
  • Contribute more to the team and the workplace.



Research* shows that, for every $1 investing in supporting employee mental wellbeing, there is a return of between $5-12 value to a business. (*Xero, 2021: World Health Organisation, NZ Instritute of Economic Research).



There are an increasing number of legal requirements for employers to be aware of, to manage the mental health risks of their employees in the workplace. Our Workplace Wellbeing programmes are one way that you can support your staff in this area.



Adventure Specialties Trust is a non-profit charity that works with people in need in our communities, including youth offenders, at-risk kids, youth development, high-needs students, plus teenagers and adults with mental health challenges, and more. By sponsoring your employee(s) to attend our Workplace Wellbeing programmes, you are also supporting our work in the community. 

About Adventure Specialties Trust

Adventure Specialties Trust is a non-profit charity and we have been delivering outdoor adventure programmes (and Adventure Therapy programmes) around Aotearoa for over 40 years. We provide a huge range of fun and challenging activities on New Zealand’s rocks, rivers, mountains, caves, sea and coasts.

But our point of difference is HOW we deliver these programmes. We facilitate every experience to maximise the opportunity for every participant to develop holistically. We incorporate your organisation’s values and objectives into our programme design, to best meet the needs of your staff.


If you think that one of our Workplace Wellbeing programmes (Boost or A Breath of Fresh Air) might be a good fit for your employee(s), please get in touch with us and we can have a chat about how we might be able to work together to support your employees’ wellbeing.

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