Five Fun Facts about Instructor Pete

1. I grew up in a little place called Tasmania, which is where my love of the outdoors really began. Since before I could even walk our family would be found up in the highland lakes of Tassie either out on the boat trying to catch trout or sitting around the campfire trying to dodge the smoke.

2. Throughout my teen years I spent a lot of time riding horses and working at my local riding school, which is ultimately what convinced me I needed a career in the outdoors. Of all the activities I’ve tried over the years, I found horse riding to be one of the most challenging. A kayak for example won’t move unless you (or wind, water etc.) make it. When riding though, you’re working with another creature that feels the same emotions you do. Sometimes they’ll get scared and dart around, other times they may be tired or they may even decide that they’re just in the mood to go for it!

3. I moved to New Zealand when I was 19. Having already spent a year instructing in Tassie and well and truly having caught the outdoors bug, I packed my bags and headed to Auckland to study outdoor ed at AUT.

4. I LOVE learning. It’s probably this that’s led me to dabble in so many different outdoor pursuits. As a result, I’m more of a jack of all trades and master of none kind of guy. When I’m not out in the wilderness you’ll probably find me trying to fix my own car, cooking up a storm, or otherwise trying to learn something new.

5. I also LOVE music. Listening to it anyway, I’ve never been that great at playing it. Whilst I definitely have some genres I prefer, there probably isn’t one out there that I can’t appreciate in some way.

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