Adventure Therapy youth camp coming up

Adventure Therapy Youth Camp

Do you know any 15-18 year old teens who are wanting to build the confidence to try new things? Or feel more comfortable with other people in a group setting? Or wanting to learn better ways to cope with stress and anxiety? Or wanting to feel better about themselves and more hopeful about their future?

Adventure Therapy can help with all these things … and it is fun too!

Join our Auckland Adventure Therapy team as we head off for 5 days and 4 nights of adventure in the stunning native bush of Whananaki, Northland.

We will combine outdoor adventure activities (like hiking, abseiling, mountain biking) with therapy activities like team-building exercises, facilitated group discussions, one-on-one sessions, space for personal reflection, and simply being outside in nature with its proven therapeutic benefits.

We use this combination of outdoor adventure plus therapy activities to help you work towards these positive outcomes: increased self-worth, a better toolkit for building hauora (health and #wellbeing), stronger whanaungatanga (kinship or community belonging), a greater #hope for a future with purpose, and stronger taha wairua (spiritual #wellness).


Adventure Therapy youth camp

Teenagers 15-18 years old

4th – 8th October 2022

5 days, 4 nights

Whananaki, Northland

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