Best part? Worst part?

What has your experience of Lockdown 2.0 been? What has been the best part and the worst part for you and your bubble?

Here are some replies from the Adventure Specialties Trust crew:

Tim, our CEO, says, “BEST PART not driving in rush hour traffic. WORST PART not being able to hit the surf.”

April, our Christchurch Adventure Therapy instructor, says, “BEST PART: all my project time to build bike jumps, do some weaving, finish all my mending. WORST PART: having to bring work home and use my bedroom space to work when I’ve worked very hard throughout my life to keep my room and home life separate from mahi.”

Jeff, our Auckland operations manager, says, “BEST PART: Being home all day during spring and watching things come into blossom and bud. WORST PART: When my children are a bit mean to each other and I have to tell them off.”

Anita, our Auckland operations assistant, says, “WORST PART is getting a stick up my nose (covid test). BEST PART is flatmate is trying heaps of new recipes so there’s lots of baking … which could end up being the ‘bad part’ again when i have to wear jeans again and not live in track pants.”

Joel, one of our Auckland instructors, says, “BEST PART- As an outdoor facilitator, you have very little schedule, so being able to settle into a rhythm for my day, it gives me a great sense of being in control and at peace. WORST PART- I don’t get to spend time with anyone as my flatmates are all avid gamers, and I am a very extroverted person!!! I am so LONEELLYYYY, I HAVE NO BODDYYYY!!”

Bex, our social media lady, says, “BEST PART is the whole family riding bikes to the beach, seeing the kids happy and laughing, spending lots of time outside in the sunshine. WORST PART is feeling trapped inside, the kids fighting with each other, me and my husband losing our tempers with the kids and with each other.” 

Ellain, one of our interns, says, “BEST PART is having time to do some arts and crafts, eg scrapbooking/card making. Going on walks and biking, you can actually hear the nature. WORST PART, sometimes it gets too long, ideas start to go downhill, bored.”

Joe, one of our interns, says, “BEST PART is having time to put some hard mahi into creating a plastic free flat! even found some tooth paste tablets. That and getting back into running every day… I haven’t done that since… last lockdown… WORST PART is been away from my nieces/nephews and having to video chat them.. That and the constant banter that is the life of an Adventure Specialties Trust intern.”

Brenda, our Auckland Adventure Therapy co-ordinator, says, “BEST PART is sometimes being able to work weird hours to suit my nocturnal tendencies! WORST PART is not being able to go out with people I love and I’m especially missing our eldest daughter who’s flatting.”

Mark, our safety co-ordinator, says, “BEST PART of lockdown was bonding with ‘Scout’ our new Border Collie (timing perfect we got him a week before lockdown!). WORST PART rainy weekend somehow felt worse perhaps it was because the weather during the week was so good and I spent it stuck in a room with my laptop!”

Kerryn, our admin and accounts wizz, says, “BEST PART about lockdown is watching Judge Rinder at lunchtime and playing Uno with the teens. WORST PART is the teens bickering, getting them to bed and waking them up for school!”

Laura, one of our Auckland instructors, says, “BEST PART, spending quality and intentional time eating meals together as a flat, getting into a creative space making things that usually don’t have time to do, reading and clocking up some bike km. WORST PART, missing connection with people.” 

Grace, one of our Christchurch instructors, says “BEST PART of lockdown! Living in a flat with 10 people, having lots of bike rides, games etc. WORST PART of lockdown! Possibly missing the best part of Alpine season 🥺😩😭”

Levi, one of our interns, says, “BEST PART – bonding with flatmates, dressing up and making up new games. WORST PART – sleeping in which is wasting some of the day!”

Anneke, our Adventure Therapy clinician, says, “BEST PART is there is no mad rush from home-school drop off-work and work-school pick up-home. WORST PART is thinking about all those people for whom lock-down is lonely, chaotic, anxiety provoking or even traumatic.”

How about you? Please share below!

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