Māori word of the month: Awa

Do you have any Māori words that mean something special to you or that you think sound beautiful?

Some of the staff at Adventure Specialties Trust have quite a lot of Māori vocabulary already, but I am very much a beginner! “Awa” is a very basic word, but I’ve only just learned it and it sounds beautiful to me.

While I was at university, I studied French, Spanish, Italian and German. So I really love learning languages. But, sadly, I only ever learned the most basic words from the beautiful native language of our country. It was never part of my schooling, growing up, and it is only recently that I find it creeping into everyday life.

Since I’ve joined Adventure Specialties, I am really enjoying the way that Tim, our CEO, makes a deliberate effort to include Māori vocabulary, phrases and waiata (songs) in our weekly team meetings. I’m really enjoying the chance to make up for lost time, by learning a bit more each week!

What has your experience with the Māori language been? Was it part of your childhood? Is it part of your life now?

– Bex

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