Kayaking, hiking and kī-o-rahi games at Staff training

Twice a year, the staff at Adventure Specialties Trust gets together for staff training.

There are over 25 of us, instructors and management and contractors, spread across Auckland and Christchurch. So it’s definitely a mission to get everyone in one place, but it’s also a ton of fun!

This winter, we converged in Huia, in the beautiful Waitakere Ranges of West Auckland.

The 5 days of training included things like:

  • adrenaline training (a workshop with a trained medical professional to learn when and how to safely use an adrenaline injection on someone)
  • a photography workshop (learning how to take better photos on your phone so they can be shared with you here!)
  • a hike along Omanawanui track, with stunning views of the west coast and Manukau harbour
  • a kayak adventure with discussions about how to be environmentally friendly and sustainable with our oceans
  • deployment practice, for those instructors that need to work on skills within a specific activity, e.g. rock climbing
  • playing kī-o-rahi (a traditional Māori ball game)
  • learning several waiata (Māori songs) to sing at upcoming events like conferences, etc.
  • and lots more …

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