Why is Laura going to cycle 3000Km?!?

Laura, one of our Auckland instructors, has a huge heart and a passion for helping women and girls gain confidence and skills through outdoor adventure.

She is creating a pilot programme for girls from local high schools in our community; students that might have leadership potential but are hanging back, maybe lacking self-confidence, maybe lacking the opportunity to build the confidence and skills that are needed to step forward with courage.

The programme that she is envisaging will involve 10 students doing a 10-day expedition. Not sure where yet, maybe Northland, maybe Central North Island, maybe somewhere else. Not sure which activities they will do yet, although it will definitely involve cycling because that’s Laura’s favourite activity! Other activity options are abseiling, caving, rock climbing, coasteering (rock jumping and swimming along a coastline), kayaking, hiking, and more.

The group might camp in tents or sleep in dorms, or a mixture of both, sharing cooking and cleaning duties.

And our programmes always involve a “deeper purpose” aspect, where the group does team building activities and have facilitated discussions, talking about the important things in life and building skills, like trust, conflict resolution, responsibility, courage, the importance of health and wellbeing, the importance of healthy relationships, etc.

So Laura is planning an extravagant fundraiser to raise the money needed to pilot her dream “wahine empowering” programme …

What is she going to do?!?

She is going to cycle the length of Aotearoa New Zealand, from Cape Reinga to Bluff!

That’s roughly 3000km.

Holy moley.

And Laura needs to raise $24k in order to fully fund her dream, so she needs to raise $8 for every kilometer that she will be cycling.

Would you consider sponsoring her on her cycle trip, to help her turn her dream programme into reality?

Head over to our webpage and choose how many kilometers you are willing to sponsor her (e.g. 1km is $8, 10km is $80, 100km is $800).


Here’s a 50-second video about another 10-day expedition that Laura did recently:

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