Best Wishes to Amy

BEST WISHES to our amazing Adventure Therapy manager, Amy, who is heading off on a new adventure, with maternity leave and a newborn baby in her immediate future!

Amy started working at Adventure Specialties in 2004 as an outdoor adventure instructor, then headed off for a few years and came back again in 2014. Since then, she has spent these last seven years building the Adventure Therapy programmes within our Trust and also within New Zealand, as the chairperson of Adventure Therapy Aotearoa, and internationally, as co-chair of the International Adventure Therapy Committee.

Tim, our CEO, says, “Amy’s heart and passion have been demonstrated many times, and she has shown us all how beneficial Adventure Therapy really is.”

[Read more about exactly what Adventure Therapy is here] 

Here are some wishes from the staff and supporters of Adventure Specialties:

“Best wishes, Amy! Thanks for your contribution over the years and looking forward to you getting back on the tools. We hope to see baby joining the team one day, wearing an AST t-shirt.” 

– Tim (CEO) 

“Amy, all the best for an adventure of a different kind…. motherhood! I’ll miss hanging out with you on staff retreats, emailing each other in te reo māori then phoning to make sure we said what we hoped we said 🤣 (we’re much more fluent now!), your go-for-it positive attitude and most of all your beautiful āhua you bring to our organisation! Glad this isn’t farewell and just a ‘we’ll see you back again when bubs is big enough to come adventuring’.

P.S Can you hold out for a few days passed your due date till my birthday; I’ve always wanted a birthday twin!”

– Anita

“Amy, I remember when I first met you and you ran a facilitation day for us staff. I remember getting super tired while skipping and running through a park somewhere in Christchurch all dressed up and thinking ‘man this chick is quite serious, but she can have fun too, that is a good combo.’ As I have gotten to know you and you have been my manger, it has been awesome! You really have a heart for people, creating programs to support them and a high standard of how to achieve that. I really value your straight up nature and always wanting the best for me and the people you’re around. Enjoy this new chapter of life, you are going to be an amazing mum 😊. Big Aroha and Hugs.”

– David (Your OG Adventure Therapy Apprentice)

“For me, the best part about having the privilege to work alongside Amy has been her wonderful friendship.  Amy is one of the most talented people I have ever met.  Not only is she incredibly good at her job, but she is a beautiful person inside and out.  I am so thrilled that she and Nick have found each other and that they are embarking on a new season of family together.  God bless you, Amy, and I look forward to seeing you soon.”  

– Glenda Simpkin (co-founder of Adventure Specialties)

“Thinking of you Amy as you embark on this new adventure!” 

– Anneke

“Kia ora, Amy. Special times with whānau and pepi await you, but I know your commitment and passion for Adventure Specialties Trust is deep, so I look forward to seeing how this will look in the future! For now I will miss our conversations about good practise and what ever else is on top.”

– Mark 

“Looking forward to more coffee dates and deep chats, BUT soon also with free cuddles from a wee special one 😉😉 wishing you all the best on your leave! MawX”

– Laura

“All the best Amy – I look forward to meeting the little one and caching up with you as a mum.” 

– Andy

“All the best Amy, you will be an amazing mum. I appreciate your encouragement for us all to be vulnerable and honest when we aren’t feeling at our strongest. May you be surrounded by those who give you the freedom to do the same.”

– Jeff

“Very excited for you Amy. Remember, I LOVE Babies.😊”

– Grace

If you know Amy and would also like to wish her well, feel free to comment below! Or email me, Bex (, and I can pass the message on to her.

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