Through our specialised Adventure Therapy team, we can facilitate programmes for families or young people and the significant adult in their life, that encourage teamwork and create positive memories

These programmes involve facilitated discussions on topics relating to families, sharing tools that will help create positive family memories, encouragement to work on family dynamics either independently or with the referring agency.

Each programme involves a pre and post programme meeting with the agency facilitator, who will also be provided with a comprehensive report on the outcomes for each participating family or pair.

Family Camps
A four-day experience during school holidays where four to five families with primary school-aged children escape from the stresses of normal life to reconnect as a family and return home refreshed and re-energized.

We have some great fun at the beach, coasteering, kayaking, camping and exploring all while focusing on strengthening the family, developing family values, understanding each other’s strengths, working together to achieve a goal and helping each family achieve their goals.

This programme is ideal for community agencies that provide services to families and are able to have a staff member attend the camp.

Taking it Outside
Kaupapa Weekends

A weekend away where a child and their significant adult carer take on a classic Kiwi adventure and participate in facilitated discussions that will strengthen their relationship and build positive memories.

It is an opportunity for the pair to get away from normal life for a classic Kiwi adventure with us and a small number of other pairs like them. We tramp, camp, cook, light fires and have a great time to help strengthen the relationship between each pair, and allow them to recognise each other’s strengths, developing respect and pride in each other. The weekends also support the adults by introducing them to others in a similar position.

These weekends are great for young people aged 13 to 16 who are already engaged with a youth or family support service and are working on strengthening their relationship with a significant adult in their lives.

Adventure Therapy

Outdoor adventures, challenges, teamwork, facilitated discussion and reflection.

Youth Development

Learn about our 10-day life-changing expedition called The Journey and our single-day adventures through Inspire.


A therapeutic framework combined with the power of adventurous programmes designed to change lives.

“The Family Camps have provided a much needed respite for our stressed families and encouraged them to seek out new ways of working together as whanau.

We have noticed an obvious difference in individuals when they return from camp to when they started. Before they go they are shy, looking down and uncertain of how they will cope. On return the youth are connecting with each other, adults and children have found new friends and their heads are held high, laughing and supportive of one another. They always ask if they can go again the next time.”