Lockdown update from Tim, our CEO

Another lockdown update from Tim, our CEO:

“Our Christchurch branch is back operating, which is great! Although there is a lot of juggling with cancellations and postponements and rescheduling.

“Auckland continues to be unable to operate. We are trying to keep staff busy with some admin tasks that can be done from home. We even have Laura sewing face masks as a fund raiser for her goal of creating an all-girls outdoor adventure journey … Buy one and support her dream!

“Financially, we are thankful for the wage subsidy and resurgence support from the government. And the on-going and continued support in the way of donations, gifts and grants. But we cannot last for too much longer with so little income from delivering our outdoor adventure programmes.

“It looks like Term 4 will be hectic as we reschedule and juggle bookings and cancellations. Staff morale seems to be mostly doing ok … but we all want to get back out and serve our communities.

“We are worried about the ongoing impact of mental health on our rangatahi (youth). The experience of a global pandemic and on-going lockdowns can lead to increased feelings of anxiety, depression, isolation, and more. We encourage everyone to spend regular time outdoors keeping active. Keep in touch with your support system, your friends and family. And reach out for help if you are struggling.

“If you are a person who believes in prayer … please keep us in you prayers! And please pray for our country, Aotearoa New Zealand, and for anyone that is struggling at the moment.”

– Tim Wills, CEO

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