Flashback to the past!

Flashback to Adventure Specialties from a little while ago …

Glenda (co-founder of Adventure Specialties with her husband, Lyndsay) gives the captions to these photos:

“Photo 1 looks like a Henderson high school journey programme with Joy Mentzer and Lyndsay instructing. The photo must have been taken before they took off as Lyns is holding our son, Tim. So that would have been 1990. “

“Photo 2 is Lyndsay climbing in the southern alps sometime on the 1980s. Tim Wills might recognise the peak that he is on, as Mt Cook is in the background.”

“Photo 3 looks like Lyns guiding the raft on the Motu river.”

“Photo 4 is of me kissing my catch of the day, a yummy hapuka. Fishing is my happy place!”

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