Learning social skills inside a cave

Here is a student helping their teacher down a ‘slide’ while #caving in Waipu. Each person to go down this section turned around to help the person behind them.

Caving is such a great way to learn all kinds of social skills, like
> Helping others (giving the person behind you a hand to get through a difficult section)
> Good communication (relaying messages along the chain of people),
> Empathy and Compassion (being aware of others who might be nervous of dark, confined spaces or maybe struggling with the climbing or crawling sections),
> Leadership (taking turns up the front of the group, checking that everyone is feeling ok)
> Trust and Courage (it can be a mentally and emotionally challenging experience, even for people that aren’t afraid of the dark or confined spaces)

The Auckland office takes groups up to Waipu Caves in Northland, and the Christchurch office takes groups to the amazing Cave Stream in Canterbury.

Check out more info about our Adventure With Purpose programmes on our website: www.adventurespecialties.co.nz/adventure-with-purpose

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