How to deal with too much screen time

“Never before in human history have our brains had to process as much information as they do today. We have a generation of people who I call ‘computer suckers’ because they are spending so much time in front of a computer screen or on their mobile phones. They are so busy processing information from all directions that they are losing the tendancy to think and to feel. Much of what they are exposed to is superficial. People are sacrificing depth and feeling, so they are becoming cut off and disconnected from other people.” – Edward Hallowell, an American psychiatrist specialising in attention deficit disorder.

Our late founder, Lyndsay Simpkin, mentioned the above quote in one of his regular newsletters … 14 years ago! For better or worse, it is still true. Lynsday continued:

“This reminds me that our work is important on many different levels. In his book, Last Child in the Woods, author Richard Louv coined the term ‘nature-deficit disorder’ to describe the consequences of separating children from the natural world.

“At Adventure Specialties Trust, we have long believed in the importance of reconnecting our sometimes-nature-deficient young people with the outdoors and providing them with the time, place and space to explore deeper feelings and issues.”

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