Brian’s reflection

A reflection shared by our Chair of the Board, Brian Knolles:

“I do not always get to set the agenda.

“I had a plan for the way this day would begin. I had thought about my agenda for this morning. Yet within ten minutes of my alarm waking me, that agenda was compromised. Early in the new day, I was faced with having to make choices as I responded to that which was presented to me.

“My choice is to accept the change to the agenda because I cannot ignore what is now in front of me. Life is like this. A constant change of plans in order to respond to the new situation. I do not set the agenda for the life I am living. I also choose not to be tossed about like a leaf in the wind. I can still outwork the plans I have made and reset the agenda as I respond to what is now presented.

“It seems to me that we all live lives based on our response to what is presented. All peoples are connected and so the choices of one impact the plans of many. Unless we could disconnect from all we will be constantly impacted by the choices of others. I do not choose to disconnect, if this was even possible. Rather I choose to connect and, in choosing, I need to accept the inevitable consequence that is the need to realign the agenda.

“I will stick to the plan today, but I will get there in a different way.

“Now I can still be a part of the lives of those I choose to be connected to.

“This is life. I give thanks.”

Thank you for sharing that wonderful reflection, Brian.

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