Introducing Anna – Christchurch outdoor instructor

INTRODUCING ANNA! One of our new outdoor instructors in the Christchurch office.
Here’s what Anna has to say about herself:

☀️ I am from the beautiful town of Waihi Beach in the North Island

☀️ I worked a ski season in Alberta, Canada. I fell into a tree well on my first day of being there! Pro tip for any kiwis who are not used to seeing the amount of snow that can cover pine trees: don’t run through a field of them after a big dump of snow 😆

☀️ I studied PPE (philosophy, politics, and economics) and Energy Science (the physics behind renewable energies, mainly based around thermal dynamics and maths) at Otago Uni. I loved studying in the two seemly opposing departments of arts and science as it highlighted to me how everything is connected to each other and therefore connected to nature, and is what inspired me to get a job that connects people with the outdoors!

☀️ I have been a surf instructor in Northland and a snowboard instructor in Wanaka

☀️ I love ducks

☀️ I am stoked to be a part of the AST whānau this year!

Thanks Anna! So cool to have you as part of the team.

Does anyone have any questions or comments for Anna? (Prize for the most interesting question!)

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