Farewell Laura

Farewell to a beloved instructor, Laura.

After 3+ years of amazing outdoor adventuring, Laura is moving on to a new adventure, working for a local high school in an outdoor education role.

Laura, here are some comments from the staff:

> Glenda says, “Here is an Irish blessing for Laura” (photo attached)

> Tim says, “Laura has been one of those Instructors that brings laughter and fun to any environment and we will miss her bubbliness around the office and in the field! Her students have been very privileged to have her guiding them through parts of their lives as they have tramped, kayaked and done many other activities together! All the best Laura for your new chapter, thanks for all your hard Mahi and making a difference to so many!”

> Kerryn sys, “Going to miss your bubbliness and laughter! Congrats on the new role and hoping to see you in future… so appreciate your initiatives and kindness… take care Laura xx”

> Bex says, “Thank you for your kindness, making me feel welcome when I first started working here. Hope you have a great time at your new job!!!”

> Jeff says, “Chur!!! Love you heaps Laura, you’ll always be part of the family!!”

> Mark says, “Thanks for all your work. The ability to be yourself is one of the keys to building great relationships. You do yourself 100% everyday and I really appreciate that about you!”

When Tim asked Laura what where the best parts about working at Adventure Specialties Trust, this is what she replied:

“1. The awesome culture and staff.

2. The depth of facilitation with participants. We talk about the deep stuff, the hard stuff.

3. The ‘Journeys’ (10-21 day outdoor programmes) with the depth of relationships formed on them with the participants and other instructors.”

Laura wants to clarify that she is still doing her 3000km bike fundraiser this year, to raise money to fund a wahine leadership programme.

If you haven’t heard about this yet, or are keen to donate to support her dream, check out the page on our website: https://www.adventurespecialties.co.nz/lauras-3000km-bike-fundraiser/

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