Christmas message from Tim, our CEO

Christmas Message

It is the end of a very strange year.

We are incredibly grateful to everyone who has supported us this year, whether financially or through your words of encouragement and prayer. A huge thank you to the staff at Adventure Specialties Trust for working hard to keep us going through the lockdown, both in Auckland and in Christchurch. And thank you also to the Board of Trustees who have given us valuable support and advice throughout the year.

During the year (when we were allowed to travel), the team got together in Christchurch to relook at our Vision, Mission and Values. This was a good exercise to refocus us on the purpose and the essence of Adventure Specialties Trust.

There was, of course, a great deal of discussion, debate, consultation, rewording and rewording again. Thank you to our Board of Trustees member, Andrea Fox, and her whānau, Te Whanau-a-Apanui, for helping us with the Māori wording.

When we had finished, it was good to see that the essence of the Trust has not changed, but we did, as I say, tweak our statements to give more clarity to our purpose!

So, I am excited to present to you our new our new Vision statement, “Lives inspired by Adventure” plus a new Mission statement and revamped Values. These are written in full below.

Because it is Christmas, I want to draw particular attention to one of our core values: “We are Hopeful.” Even though this has been a rough year for many, we believe that we can still hold on to hope. And Christmas is the epitome of hope, where the birth of Jesus brought hope to the world.  In the same way, we also want to bring hope to others, and to share hauora, “the winds of wellness”!

Have a great and safe Christmas and, as we say goodbye to 2021, I think we can all agree, let’s bring on 2022 with all the new adventures and hope that it may hold!

Christmas blessings,

Tim and the team at Adventure Specialties Trust

Click here to see a high res PDF of the Vision Mission Values poster.

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