Congratulations Grace: winner of the “Emerging Instructor” award!

CONGRATULATIONS GRACE!!! Winner of the NZOIA “Emerging Instructor” award at the annual Outdoor Excellence Awards. GO GRACE!!!⠀

Our CEO, Tim, says, “What a privilege to have Grace on our instructional team. She not only inspires her peers with enthusiasm and an adventurous spirit, but she also inspires an old dog like me with her unwavering passion to get out and do stuff! Congrats Grace, well deserved and an awesome acknowledgement of all your hard mahi.”

Some comments from the rest of the staff:⠀

“Grace has been an important part of the team at adventure Specialties, bringing her broad range of outdoor skills and exceptional people focused mind to provide outstanding programs. Amazing human being in general to have around.” – Joel⠀

“I love having Grace as part of our team because she is so lovely, friendly, funny, hard working and generally just a wonderful human! I can’t wait to see her succeed even more in her future.” – Brenda⠀

“Grace lives and breathes adventure! She makes any outdoor activity adventurous and fun for all of her participants. The energy she brings inspires other to pursue the outdoors outside of the programs they do with her.” – April⠀

“Grace is a fantastic instructor because she puts the clients and their needs at the forefront of any decision. It has been great having Grace on our team because her energy and passion is contagious. Thank you Grace for been your genuine self all the time.” – Joe⠀

About the award:⠀

The NZOIA (New Zealand Outdoor Instructors Association) Outdoor Excellence Awards are held annually to recognise the highest achievements of individuals involved in outdoor recreation, education and guiding in New Zealand. ⠀

The Emerging Instructor award is presented to an instructor in their first five years of employment in the outdoor industry who displays great potential for the future.

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