How do you teach Teamwork?

How do we teach young people about teamwork? ⠀

Our instructors use activities and group discussions to teach different skills, like trust, perseverance, integrity, taking risks, teamwork … ⠀

When teaching about Teamwork, one activity goes like this:

Objective: to understand the different roles within the team⠀

Activity: Ask one of the participants to draw an aeroplane on a whiteboard (or make paper planes). ⠀

Each participant draws one of the following characters on the plane:⠀
> Pilot (responsible for getting the passengers safely from A to B)⠀
> Air stewards (serve the passengers, help the pilot, anticipate needs, communicate between the pilot and passengers, help sort out any issues so that the pilot can concentrate on their job)⠀
> Passengers (participate, enjoy the ride, follow safety procedures and any instructions from the air stewards)⠀
> Hijackers/Troublemakers (create trouble, being a nuisance, demanding attention, putting people down, holding everyone back, decreasing enjoyment)⠀

Questions for the group discussion:⠀
What is the role of each passenger?⠀
How do they all work together?⠀
How are those passengers like our group?⠀
Which character do you relate to?

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