Thank you, MSD, for funding our school holiday programme!

“Research shows that taking part in positive activities can help to improve young people’s engagement at school and to give young people an alternative to risky, antisocial behaviours.”

This quote is from the Ministry of Social Development (MSD), who fund our Break-Away school holiday programme. Thank you, MSD!

Since 2010, MSD have been funding Break-Away school holiday programmes to young people (aged 11 to 17 years) whose families are not able to provide them with such activities. They currently offer 30,000 placements, available each year in areas facing social or economic disadvantage, mainly in Auckland, Northland and the East Coast.

During these most recent school holidays, we took our kids caving, abseiling, rock climbing, cycling, frisbee golf, and sliding down giant sand dunes on boogie boards! We use these fun activities to encourage the positive change that MSD are wanting to stimulate through these programmes:

  • Build their social, interpersonal and communication skills, so they can manage and respond positively to challenges and make positive choices about their lives
  • Avoid high-risk, anti-social behaviour such as experimenting with drugs or being involved in crime
  • Improve attitudes and engagement with school and improve their self- confidence and self-esteem
  • Learn about the importance of being physically active, gain adaptable skills through participation and become aware of physical activities available in their communities.

Read more on the MSD website or find out more about our next Break-Away school holiday programme on our Break-Away webpage.

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