Stories from our adult INSPIRE programme

“I see people having difficulties in life, in this difficult time. My hope picked up, during in this programme. I made friends, I helped others and was helped in return. I felt encouraged on the way.”

“This programme increased my patience and my understanding because I see people having weakness and strengths in different areas.”

“I’ve always known I had strengths, but this has helped me to tap into them when they were locked away.”

“I loved the experience of the outdoor activities, I learned knowledge of the environment, and I loved the spiritual/wellbeing conversation too.”

“I feel a lot calmer around water, and I feel more confident.”

“[I loved] being outdoors with nature.”

“[I learned] to talk more and ask for help. This will be useful in all aspects of life.”

“[I learned] you don’t know it all. You learn something new every day.”

“I’ve learned I can work with others and I don’t need to be alone.”

“[I enjoyed] helping others achieve things they otherwise wouldn’t.”

“[I enjoyed] the mindfulness, being in the moment.”

“I’ve learnt I have internal strengths that I didn’t know I had.”

“I discovered my ability to persevere even when I’m not entirely confident.”

“The programme gave me more confidence that I am capable and determined.”

“I enjoyed] being outdoors in all weather. I want to encourage my family to spend more time outdoors in nature.”

“When I see people having a hard time, it increases my empathy towards them.”

“This programme has encouraged me to encourage others.”

“I learned to respect the choices of others to do new or unusual things.”

“I didn’t think I would be able to finish anything. Start as a team, end as a team.”

“I learned to keep going when things get tough.”

“We enjoyed everything! It’s encouraged me to be more active.”

“All the different activities were new or uncommon to me and I want to try more of them.”

“I learned the importance of being active and being responsible for your own wellbeing. Making better choices for yourself.”

Anneke, our Adventure Therapy clinician, explains what this programme is all about …

“Our INSPIRE Adventure Therapy Programme for adults, run from our Christchurch branch, involves two of our staff working with a group of 6-8 adults (eighteen and older).

“We meet together to go on a different adventurous activity each Wednesday over a series of eight weeks. This includes sea kayaking, rock climbing, walking, mountain biking and high ropes all around the greater Christchurch area.

“This programme supports people in a journey of wellbeing; we do this by connecting with nature, with each other, and by taking part in these adventurous activities together.

“Along the way, in this safe and supportive environment, we discuss, wonder about, reflect on, and share with each other about what it means to be well, and the many dimensions of this.

“We have been looking at Rose Pere’s Te Wheke model of wellbeing. It is based on the eight tentacles of the octopus and each tentacle of the octopus represents aspects of a person’s life that need to be supported in order to sustain balance and wholeness.  The tentacles are:

  • te whānau (the family),
  • waiora (total wellbeing for the individual and family),
  • wairuatanga (spirituality),
  • hinengaro (the mind),
  • taha tinana (physical wellbeing),
  • whanaungatanga (extended family),
  • mauri (life force in people and objects),
  • mana ake (unique identity of individuals and family),
  • hā a koro ma, a kui ma (breath of life from forbearers),
  • whatumanawa (the open and healthy expression of emotion).

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“Our staff work together to provide the two sides of the programme: the outdoor adventure technical skills and the therapeutic skills to support participants.

“Participants have told us that as a result of coming on this programme, they feel more hopeful and positive. That they feel calmer and that this helps them with all their relationships. That they can better articulate their strengths and gifts. That they have more confidence and self-worth. That they feel better equipped with strategies to get through challenging times. That they have new ideas to maintain their emotional, social, cultural and physical wellbeing. That they feel more connected and are leaving with new friendships.”

The Christchurch team are running this INSPIRE programme on a regular basis, so please contact Anneke ( if you would like more info about the programme or if you would like to register for an upcoming programme!

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