School Boys vs Sand Dunes

We regularly partner with local schools and this glowing feedback (below) is from a teacher at a college in Auckland. These students were identified as having struggles with their teachers, challenges at home and challenges with each other.

“We hoped the boys might feel valued and learn new skills over the course of the day trips and be able to bring those skills back to school. The group’s experience exceeded our expectations. At the end of each day, they came back to school energised and full of stories about the day. They enjoyed being able to engage with nature and to challenge themselves. Their reflections are very positive and mention how the programme has changed them. The programme helped build stronger relationships between the boys, and also between them with us as a school. We appreciated being able to send staff along with students so they could build stronger relationships with the boys, outside of a school context. The students’ relationship with these teachers has grown and they appear more ready to accept that we are keen to invest in them.”

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