We partner with social service organisations to help people reconnect with themselves

Partnering with organisations and community groups that work in the social service sector of Aotearoa is our passion. Our community programmes can enhance your already fabulous programmes, services and outcomes by helping you engage with your clients in adventurous and challenging wilderness spaces.

Whether you’re looking for a simple and fun adventure experience, or an in-depth facilitated programme, we can tailor a programme that will complement your focus. For participants with therapeutic needs we offer programmes with specialist staff and a strengths-based approach that we call Adventure Therapy. The two main areas of our Adventure Therapy programmes are in youth development and strengthening families.

Our people know your people
We understand that your participants live complex lives and often face barriers that hinder them from setting and reaching their goals.

Our programmes help your participants reconnect with themselves, their fellow adventurers, and the natural environment by providing opportunities for them to succeed and thrive in new and unexpected ways. Experiencing success like this often ignites a newfound resolve in a person and desire to engage in your programme and services as well.

We have had the privilege of partnering with social agencies working in:

  • Youth justice
  • Corrections
  • Youth health
  • Addiction support services
  • Mental health
  • Fostering care and support
  • Counselling
  • Youth work
  • Intellectual disability support
  • Youth residential care facilities
  • Alternative education
  • Family budgeting services
  • Family counseling services

Adventure Therapy

Outdoor adventures, challenges, teamwork, facilitated discussion and reflection.

Strengthening Families

Building relationships in all types of families, understanding your family values, refocus and refresh.

Youth Development

Learn about our 10-day life-changing expedition called The Journey and our single-day adventures through Inspire.

“We work with the most vulnerable families in the community.

... We work alongside low income families, families with historical and current abuse issues, families with on-going earthquake trauma and health issues… All our dealings with Adventure Specialties team in Christchurch has been positive and they have provided programmes which sit well alongside ours.”

Methodist Mission


“Kia kaha ra – haere tonu”