Five Fun Facts about Andy, Christchurch manager

Five Fun Facts about Andy Balcar, our beloved Christchurch manager!

1. I used to play the Trombone
2. I brew my own beer and recently attempted to make my own beer from all my own home-grown ingredients – I failed😊
3. I have won 3 x Giant Pumpkin Contests
4. I love riding my bike – especially in the less accessible areas of NZ. I have even played Bike Polo for New Zealand.
5. Mark Johnston (the Safety and Training Manager at Adventure Specialties) and I went to kindy together.

“Current hobbies are biking, rock climbing, skiing (I have recently bought some ski touring gear and hope to get a few days on it this winter), gardening … I strongly dislike painting.

“I did have plans to travel overseas for my 50th but have recently decided I want to Travel more in NZ instead.

“My dad is from England and settled in New Zealand – he was a keen Geographer and loved the outdoors here so was always taking the family on lots of fun adventures – he recently passed, and I have really enjoyed stopping and reflecting on the love of NZ that he has passed onto my brother and I and how I have seen that also in my kids.

“My kids got me back into surfing last summer, and Tarn has gotten me back into climbing when I thought I was well passed it – turns out I am not.

“Dad actually took Mark J and I on an 18-day trip to Queenstown when we were in Year 12 where we did all sorts of fun adventures. (tramped the Milford and Routeburn Tracks, MTB, Climbed up the Remarkables, bungy jumped).

“Looking forward to days in the mountains this year.
Looking forward to my 20th wedding anniversary trip to Rarotonga with my wife.
Looking forward to getting out into the hills with good people.

“A piece of wisdom that I am currently living by – Every day you have is your best day or make the most of it while you have it (especially as I get closer to 50).

“Job title – Christchurch Manager – currently in my 7th Year with Adventure Specialties Trust. Pretty excited with where the Trust is at – with the ongoing development of programmes, we have a great team and a good vison to get there.”

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