7-day Girls Journey through Marlborough Sounds

Seven-day Girls Journey

Here is a reflection, written by the young women who went on the recent 7-day Journey through Marlborough Sounds with our Christchurch instructors, Grace and April.

“We really enjoyed spending a week in the outdoors as a group and had an awesome time in a new environment (Marlborough Sounds).

“We have learnt so much about ourselves and in particular how we can manage ourselves and others most effectively in a positive manner. We have grown in confidence, whether that was mountain biking, kayaking or just being more comfortable in the outdoors, but also with our collaboration skills, communication, adaptability and resilience over the course of the week.

“P.S. Thanks Grace [instructor] for saving Lexi from losing her front wheel while mountain biking.”

Paul Ferguson, their Outdoor Education teacher at Hillmorton High School, Canterbury, added a few extra thoughts:

“Congratulations to Lexi Phillips, Bethan Edwards and Noelani Ritchie on their successful seven-day leadership journey to the Queen Charlotte Sound.

“These three girls (along with four other Canterbury secondary school students) made the most of this amazing opportunity to sea kayak and mountain bike the beautiful Queen Charlotte Sound over the recent holidays. A massive thanks to Adventure Specialties Trust for providing this rich experience for Horomaka [Banks Peninsula] students.

“These opportunities are another example of the huge range of experiences available to Horomaka students. It reminds me of a smorgasbord with a wide variety of delicious food and dishes. Our students are so fortunate! It is so good to see students making the most of these opportunities!”

Thanks for sharing your reflections with us, Lexi. Bethan, Noelani and Paul.

Here are some more photos:



We have another girls programme coming up: IGNITE South Island. Six days of adventure in Queen Charlotte Sound during the July school holidays.

Check out our website for more info: https://www.adventurespecialties.co.nz/programmes/ignite-south-island/


We also have a North Island IGNITE youth camp, also during the July school holidays, for young men and women.

Find out more:



If you have any questions about either of these programmes, please don’t hesitate to get in touch! We’re happy to chat with you about any questions you might have.

Flick us an email (office@adventurespecialties.co.nz) and our lovely office lady, Kerryn, will pass you on to the relevant person.

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