Farewell Instructor Kyle!

Kyle has been an Auckland-based instructor for the last 3-and-a-half years, and is leaving to work at another wonderful youth organisation, Youth Town.

Tim, our CEO, says, “Thanks, Kyle, for being a great team member. I’ve enjoyed seeing you develop your skills and you bringing your expertise to the staff tea. I also enjoyed our chats about windsurfing and kiteboarding. You will be well missed and of course are welcomed back. Who else can I share storm stories with?”

Jeff, the Auckland programme manager, says this about Kyle:
“Kyle was passionate about learning anything that increased his technical skill set but at the same time could take a non-technical activity and turn it into really memorable fun. One time he took a couple of tyre tubes and dressed them up tubes in a set of caving overalls, so a fairly standard ABL [activity-based learning] activity turned into a challenge to transport the inflatable man as part of the process. Kyle liked to follow policies and procedures and was always interested in making sure the paperwork matched the practice, making things better for staff and clients alike.”

Some comments from Adventure Specialties Trust staff:

“Good luck in the big wide world, Kyle. I already miss your wisdom!” – Oli

“Definitely going to miss you, Kyle!” – Bex

“Who’s going to solve the brain teaser metal things during work morning meeting now???? We’ll have to call you in when we get stuck! All the best Kyle, I’ll miss having you around. Don’t be a stranger!” – Anita

“I’ll miss lots of things about having you around, Kyle. You’re a good one.” – Jeff

“We miss you Kyle, so keep popping in to say hi. All the best.” – Brenda

One more comment from a long-time Adspecs client:

“Bumping into Kyle in random parts of the Kaimanawas was always a welcome event. We have benefitted from his experience over a few years with our school and he is awesome with our students … Best wishes Kyle!” – Al Ronberg

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