Christmas message from Tim Wills, CEO

Christmas message from Tim Wills, CEO

“I say this every year and this is no exception … Wow, this year has gone fast.

“I guess that it is no surprise, with a year full of challenges, that time certainly didn’t stand still! As I look back at the year nearly gone by, I am very proud of our mahi and proud of the staff team that delivered some outstanding programmes. It has been no easy task working in this covid environment and it hasn’t been easy juggling all the intricacies that the disruptions brought, and we now look forward to a well-deserved Christmas break.

“On that note, I was reading a few of Lyndsay’s Essays (Lyndsay was the founder of Adventure Specialties Trust) and came across this writing which is a good reminder in all this busyness:

‘If you ask most people, they will say Christmas is about giving. And it is. But it’s more. The Christmas message is also about reconnecting and restoration. It starts with a baby not a revolution and the gift is offered not imposed. It reminds me that change can start from small beginnings (like getting out of bed and doing some exercise!) and has to be desired.’

“The Christmas story, of course, is just part of a much bigger story. A story which has brought radical change to the lives of many people — a radical reconnection with our potential and a restoration of a relationship with the Creator and our relationships with each other and the environments around us.

“I trust that this can also be a time of restoration and reconnections for you. Thank you for your support over this difficult year and I wish you a very Meri Kirihimete!”

Ngā mihi,
Tim Wills

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