A thankful mindset

A reflection by Brian Knolles, chairperson of our Board of Trustees

“Waking early I get out of bed knowing that the day will be busy. I’m on autopilot as I begin my morning routine. Sitting in my quiet place, I realise that I am tired and more than a little bewildered by the things of life. I have many things on my mind, yet not one certain thing that rises to the forefront. I’m in a state of semi-consciousness.

I hear the birdsong and am reminded of the beauty of this early morning. I give thanks for this home I live in. I give thanks for its location on the park. I am thankful for the trees and the birds. I give thanks because, when I am still enough to notice where I am and what is happening around about me, giving thanks is what makes sense. Giving thanks connects me to the world. It reminds me that no matter how I am feeling there is always something to give thanks for. Including being thankful for the anxiety that reminds me of the need to be aware of how I might respond to the people I will meet today.

Giving thanks puts me into a different mindset. Giving thanks creates the mindset I need for the day ahead. I am thankful for the re-setting of my mind that provides some direction. I can get going now knowing that I am beginning from a good place. In all things we ought to give thanks.”

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