The Fun Scale

Is an outdoor activity still fun, even if you don’t enjoy it the whole time?

This diagram helps explain the different types of fun and how rewarding each type feels at the end of the adventure!

Below is the explanation, by Jono from

“I assumed fun is all the same. Fun is fun. But then, when I first heard about Type 1 and Type 2 Fun, I had to admit there was some validity in there being different types of fun.

Type 1 Fun is like eating ice cream, or skiing with ski lifts to whisk you back up to the top — you love it while you’re doing it, and when you think back on it you remember how good it was. Straightforward— sounds like fun.

Type 2 Fun, on the other hand, is the sort of enjoyment you get from something like running a marathon or climbing a mountain. You often have to admit that it wasn’t necessarily all fun at the time. In fact, it could have been quite hard and might have hurt a bit (like the swim/run event I did last weekend). But when you look back on it, you think of it as often more fun and fulfilling than the Type 1 Fun.

Type 3 Fun is usually Type 1 or 2 Fun that went wrong. Though it was supposed to be fun, things actually got a little hairy – like you got lost, or it got dark, and it got cold, or you had to be rescued. But…it sure makes a great story when you make it back.”

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