Feedback from OutWest Youth Community Trust

Feedback from OutWest Youth Community Trust

“My students and I had an amazing time on the Adventure Therapy programme. It was great for team bonding, developing confidence, and it gave the students experiences that some of them would never otherwise experience.

The way Adventure Specialties accommodated us was great, they were able to be flexible to meet our specific needs, were professional, organised and made communication easy.

Most of all, they allowed my students to experience new things and achieve things they didn’t think they could. The instructors made the students feel welcomed and safe as well as encouraged, challenged and pushed to go beyond their comfort zones in healthy ways.

We would love to do more programmes like this in the future!”
– Sam from OutWest Youth Community Trust


OutWest Youth Community Trust is a registered charitable trust that is based in Helensville, Auckland. Their programmes support youth (12-24 years old) and their whanau in a variety of ways, including mentoring, education, goal setting, life-coaching, help obtaining drivers licenses, and community networking.

Find out more about them on their website:

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