Farewell Instructor Anna!


Everyone had a LOT to say about you …

Glenda Simpkin:

Nothing can dim the light that shines from within.’ – Maya Angelou

It was a real privilege working with you Anna. You shine inside and out. There were always lots of laughs when you were in the office. I wish you all Gods good blessings in your next adventures.

Lots of luv and hugs, Glenda

Tom Batts:

“On to more adventures! Remember to maintain a healthy distance from the edge of anything when exercising your urges to trip over things. Looking forward to climbing and now paragliding with ya!”

Jaci Skelton:

Everybody needs an Anna ❤️. I am inspired by the way you do life and your sense of adventure. You help us oldies feeling young, even if we have to keep reminding you to ring home and check in with the parents 🤣🤣. I know my boys loved meeting you (and the other AST wahine) at Retreat and seeing that girls can be epic in the outdoors too. I have no doubt you’ve left a mark on everyone person who crossed your path during programmes. You will be missed but I look forward to seeing what’s ahead for you and #vanlife. Xx


“Anna, it has been great getting to know you and having you down in Christchurch on occasion. I have enjoyed sharing heaps of laughs with you over so many different things. Thanks for your contribution in CHCH, keep charging and all the best for the future.”

Anita Sword:

“Anna! I’m going to miss our office yarns about tiny houses, joking about us short people who can sleep sideways in your van and hearing about your cool surfing adventures. I’m super impressed by your energy to go surfing before work and still be upbeat and positive all day. All the best for this next phase of life and remember you’re always part of the AST whanau so pop in any time to say hello.”

Tim Wills:

“It’s sad to see Anna leave us after 4 years of her inspiring others. Her bubbly personality and “froth” for life has always been contagious to her clients and staff team. Anna is a true adventurer and can’t sit still, always wanting to see what’s around the next corner. So we do wish her all the best as she moves on from here to check out “what’s around that corner”! We know you’ll be back Anna, as once you start at Adventure Specialties you can never really leave!”

Hanna McLeay:

“Anna is legendary. So easy to work with. She has the knack for working with students. Always positive and happy. Just easy to be around.”

Joel Buckley:

“Even the Cloudy days seem to be happy experiences with your high level of stoke and positive mentality! Nothing more than good times and impressive performances, legendary!!”

Kerryn Rothery:

“Anna, we have enjoyed your company, your friendship and your kind heart. I admire your free spirit, strong will to do anything you set your mind to and laid back/easy going outlook. Miss you already…”

Joseph Scott:

“She will be missed.”


“Thanks for a great journey with us you have come so far from when you arrived as an intern. Your skills as an instructor will be missed, But thing thing I will miss is your keenness for a mission. Go well and hopefully we will see you around the office in Christchurch gearing up for one of those missions!”

Grace Robertson:

[In response to the question, do you want to add anything to Anna’s farewell message] “Just as long as there’s something about how’s she’s an absolute sender 😊

Oli George:

“Hey, yea just add that I loved her company and our yarns even though we didn’t really get to spend much time working together and that she will be missed.”

Anneke Bee:

“All the best Anna, it has been wonderful meeting you and getting to know you better when you got stuck with us in the South Island!”

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