Change for Life: a story from our Inspire programme

The adults that attend our “Inspire” programmes are all dealing with different challenges: some are dealing with crippling anxiety that makes it hard for them to leave home; some are coping with debilitating symptoms caused by trauma; some are learning to live with mental health diagnoses; some are struggling with feelings of isolation, loneliness, and disconnection made worse by covid isolation requirements.

They show their courage in so many ways: by being open to new experiences, by sharing their stories with the group, even just by simply turning up.

Anneke, the group co-ordinator and our Adventure Therapy clinician says how much she feels inspired by witnessing their courage.

She shared this photo and story: “This beautiful artwork was created by one of our participants. He shared that he felt ready to make some positive changes in his life. He also invited other participants to add to his artwork, sharing with the group his hope that they will support his journey of change while adventuring alongside him.

We all placed some shells into the artwork; physically showing our support. In that beautiful peaceful spot by the ocean, it felt like a symbolic commitment as a group to offer each other support, patience, kindness, understanding and respect. It felt like we created a safe space for all of us to be in, for the rest of the Inspire programme.”

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