The Great Auckland Office Flood

Last weekend, our Auckland office got flooded!

Apparently a pipe in the upstairs toilet sink sprung a leak, and because no-one was there, it completely flooded our 2-storey office, upstairs and downstairs, behind the walls, all over the carpet, inside all the gear bins, filling up the kayaks with water, drenching all the clothing and equipment, drowning folders of paperwork archives.

The only reason that we found out was because one of the neighbouring businesses called us when they saw water flooding out the back of the building!

So this week has been a big cleanup mission, with furniture being moved, gear being dried, and the insurance company bringing in an industrial equipment to dry everything out, so it can be properly assessed for damage.

But thankfully our outdoor programmes have still been running, which is fantastic! And we have set up a makeshift office in the Crater (our rock climbing wall).

Fingers crossed for minimal long-term damage …

Check out some photos and videos below



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