Feedback from participants

“I am feeling so much better than I was before I started this course. A lot less anxious.”


At the end of all our outdoor adventure programmes, we ask participants to give feedback about the programme answering questions like “Has this programme helped you work better with other?” and “Has this programme inspired you to do some more outdoor activities on your own?” and “Has this programme help you develop (or better understand) your internal strengths?”

Here are some of the answers from last year’s participants …

“Being in nature and not having any devices made me really think about how I have been treating others and how I can treat them better. I have learnt the line between being sarcastic and slightly bullying. I have realised that it is a really positive thing to uplift others as I love being uplifted by others myself.”

“I learnt that all people are different and that other people are running their own races.”

“Kayaking was gangsta as, hiking is mad cool, and I would like to do a lot more of both.”

“I wasn’t really familiar with outdoor activities and all the benefits that come with it but now I really enjoy being out at reserves and doing bush walks. Enjoying the fresh air and listening to the wilderness really helps me to think clearer and clears my mind from negative thoughts.”

“I see people having difficulties in lives in this difficult time. I picked up my hope after this programme. I made friends, I helped others and they helped me. I was encouraged all the way. This is an awesome programme.”

“I’ve learnt so many new things, like communication with new people, teamwork, and being nice.”


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And, just for fun, here is a video from a recent outdoor adventure programme:

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