Farewell Libbee!


Our beloved funding administrator (a.k.a. Santa Claus) left at the end of last year.

Libbee was a huge part of the reason that Adventure Specialties Trust was able to run so smoothly and offer so many amazing programmes to our local communities. She secured funding for things like subsidizing programmes for underfunded schools and community groups, upgrading outdoor equipment and vehicles, and covering our everyday operational costs.

Here are some comments from the staff:

From Andy:

“Thanks Libbee for all your hard work over the last few years. You do the hard slog with applications and we get the joy of receiving presents from your hard work. Thanks so much for being an all-year-round Mother Christmas. I have appreciated your easy going, fun loving nature and (on occasion) putting up with my lack of replies. Hope the next chapter goes well for you. Blessings, Andy”

From Brenda:

“Thanks for being so lovely, Libbee. It was so much fun getting to know you and hanging out with you on the rafting trip. Wherever you end up working in the future, they are lucky to have you x”

From Jeff:

“Libbee has been like our own personal Santa Claus, making new gear turn up miraculously, even though we know there is an enormous amount of time and effort that goes in to secure the funding that allows us to keep our equipment in good condition. Thanks Libbee!!”

From Bex:

“Thanks Libbee for your kindness, helping me out when I started working at Adventure Specialties!”

From Tim, the CEO:

“This is the second time Libbee has left Adventure Specialties Trust! Many years ago she was our amazing administrator and then went on to have a family. A few more years later she came back as our amazing funding administrator!!!. Will she be back again????? I hope so! Libbee has been fantastic with her bubbly personality and “yeah I can do that” attitude! Staff would call her Father Christmas as she was the “go to” for getting the Trust new kayaks, trailers, bikes, ropes etc. She also had significant input and success in raising funds for our general operations, which we couldn’t do without! Libbee will be missed, not just for her funding skills but for her laughter, kindness, fun and compassionate heart!! All the best Libbee with your new adventure…..and I’m sure we will see you back!!!

Note: the photo is Libbee (front) and Brenda and Joe (back) on the staff retreat last year, a week-long rafting adventure.

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