Five Fun Facts about Kyle

Five Fun Facts about Kyle:

1. I proposed to my wife, Christina, with a ring that I made from a Singapore dollar coin. I spent about 7 months slowly working at it when I had time and all I used was a hammer, drill and a rat’s tail file. The cool part about this was that I spent ages trying to work out how I could make a ring with no official jewellery tools before I stumbled across a way to make a ring out of a coin. The very next day, Christina was given a bag of old foreign coins at work, and she asked me if I wanted them. God works in amazing ways as I don’t collect coins and she had no idea about my plans of making a ring.

2. When I’m not at work instructing Outdoor pursuits, my main hobby is Windsurfing. I got into the sport when I was 14 and have been watching the weather for the next big storm ever since.

3. I also really enjoy rock climbing. Although its cool to find your limit as to how hard you can climb, I really enjoy the easy climbs. Weirdly enough, I really enjoy the rope systems, forward thinking and problem solving like when you set up a belay and have to think about the possibilities of what you might have to do while seconding and how you will deal with it, where everything will go to keep the belay station tidy and functional etc.

4. I’ve spent most of my life living on Waiheke Island. I’ve spent the last 14 years commuting daily from the island to various parts of Auckland for High School, University, Sports and Work. That’s actually how I met my wife as she was working in the café on the ferry. I have only just moved off the island, and the hustle and bustle of Auckland is a struggle to get use to….. and we are still in lock down!!

5. When I was five years old, I really wanted to name my younger brother Hercules. That’s not what they named him and little five-year-old me was disappointed. My wife found this out when we were getting a cat and decided to name him Hercules to make my five-year-old dream come true.

Kyle is one of our outdoor adventure instructors based in Auckland. He has been working for Adventure Specialties Trust for 3 years and has NZOIA qualifications in rock climbing, bush, and sea kayaking.

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