Video: 10 students on a 10 day adventure

What happens when we take 10 students on a 10-day “Project K” journey through Karangahake Gorge, in the Waikato region of New Zealand?

There’s fun and laughter, there’s team building activities, there are even a few goats! There are some tears, some serious discussions, there are challenges and opportunities for growth. And, of course, lots of our favourite outdoor adventure activities like abseiling, cycling, hiking, camping, and more!

What is Project K?

Project K is a 14-month programme designed for Year 10 students, created by the Graeme Dingle Foundation.

It involves three parts (wilderness adventure, community challenge and an individual mentoring partnership with a trained mentor).

The wilderness segment is run in partnership with various outdoor providers like us, Adventure Specialties Trust.

“Project K focusses on building confidence, teaching life skills, promoting good health, relationships and encouraging a positive attitude. The aim of Project K is to arm rangatahi (youth) with a belief in their own ability to complete tasks and achieve goals, and to help them find purpose and direction, transforming their lives.”

More photos from the programme:

More about Project K:

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