Our instructors are crazy …


How’s that for a cheesy joke?!?

But, seriously, these guys are so passionate about what they do. Not just the outdoor adventure activities, but the genuine connection with the kids that they work with.

Laura (left) told a story about doing a 10-day programme with a bunch of high school students. One of the girls had recently lost her dad to cancer, only a few weeks before the programme started. And this girl shared an amazing speech at the end of the programme, talking about how she had been bottling up her emotions, refusing to open up to anyone or to accept offers of help and support. But during the programme, she accepted help during a scary abseil descent, and that help and support meant a lot to her.

There are so many stories like this. Our instructors work beside the young people, using team activities, facilitated discussions and one-on-one chats to talk about the things that truly matter in this life, like relationships and supporting each other.

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