Welcome to Adventure Specialties Trust

With over 30 years experience providing adventure and wilderness experiences on New Zealand rocks, rivers, mountains, caves and coast; you are in good hands. Our client experience is diverse. Schools, youth development agencies, employment enhancement programmes, drug and alcohol rehabilitation agencies, churches, social service agencies and companies all use the services of Adventure Specialties Trust.

We are not confined to an outdoor centre but use multiple locations throughout the North and South Island of New Zealand. Your “safety is paramount”. We are proud of our track record and operate under a comprehensive set of operational and compliance guidelines.

Our Vision

Using Outdoor Adventure to Grow Great Communities

Our Mission

To respond to the needs in our community by providing outdoor adventure programmes that facilitate the holistic development of individuals, families and communities

Our Values

FAITH – We are guided and motivated by our Christian faith which shapes how we work alongside people.

HOPE – We believe that there is hope for all people and that positive life choices can bring about change.

COMMUNITY – We collaborate with community partners to enhance their good work and to achieve shared outcomes.

EXCELLENCE – We strive to deliver high quality, exciting and safe programmes.

ADVENTURE – We believe healthy and positive learning can come out of well facilitated adventurous activities.