Adventure Therapy

Our adventure therapy programmes involve outdoor adventures, challenges, teamwork, facilitated discussion and reflection.  We use these things as a way of developing positive relationships; learning social and emotional skills; discovering and developing strengths; increasing resilience; and equipping clients with skills to achieving their goals in life.  Our approach is strengths based and we operate in a highly supportive environment.

Partnership Programmes

Our programmes alone cannot offer the entirety of support that young people and families need in order address the complex issues they face in their lives.  That is why we work in collaboration with community agencies that provide multi-faceted services.  Often agencies lack the skills, expertise, qualifications and equipment to provide safe, therapeutic outdoor adventure programmes.  By integrating the adventure therapy aspect into the primary agencies programmes we can provide a stronger, connected service that strengthens the relationship between the clients and the primary provider as well as helping clients achieve their therapeutic goals.  Below is a description of some of the programmes we provide, however we always tailor the programmes to meet the need of the partnering organization and the participants.

Inspire (available in Auckland and Christchurch only)

Inspire is a day programme for youth that has 8 single day sessions over the course of the term.  Each day includes an adventurous activity like coasteering, kayaking, canyoning or rock climbing.  We also include a theme each day that uses the activity as a metaphor for life.  Themes include positive risk taking, values, managing emotions, trust etc.  This programme is best integrated into a school, alternative education provider, or residential health programme.

The Journey (available anywhere in New Zealand)

The Journey is a 10-day expedition style programme for youth aged 13-18.  The Journey involves travelling for 10 days with a mixture of tramping, cycling and sea kayaking.  The Journey route is physically challenging and requires effort, planning and teamwork to succeed. Each day on the journey consists of a discussion around a theme, the physical activity and leadership opportunities.  The Journey is best run with a group where a youth worker (or staff member) who will have on going contact with the young people is able to attend.  This is ideal for either schools or community groups.

Open Enrolment Courses

Our open enrolment courses are designed for individuals / individual families that are seeking a programme that can help them gain the social and emotional life skills necessary to achieve their goals.  People can sign up for these courses as an individual or supported by an organisation.  These programmes are highly supportive and operate at a high staff to client ratio.  Our staff have a range of experience in youth work, social work and counselling backgrounds.  It is ideal if the people attending have a support network at home that can provide follow up support.  Check out the information on our events page about our next youth expedition course ‘Inward Journeys’.

Inward Journeys (based in Tasman area, meeting point in Nelson Airport)

Inward Journeys is an exhilarating 14 day adventure through New Zealand’s great outdoors that will take you on a journey – and we’re not just talking about climbing mountains!  Be prepared for an inward experience towards the person you’ve always dreamed of becoming, or more…

Inward Journeys is for young people aged 16 to 24 of mixed gender.

Inward Journeys Brochure