Community Groups

We have considerable experience in providing adventure programmes that enhance the work of other community and social service agencies. Clients we have worked with have included agencies working in the following areas;

Strengthening Families 

Facilitated programmes designed to see families working together, discussion programmes on issues relating to families, creating positive family memories and encouragement to continue to work on their family dynamics both independently and with the referring agency.

“Thank you for the expertise and energy you invest in these camps for our families, many who would never have had the opportunity to participate in outdoor adventures like this before” Linda, Dayspring Trust

Youth at Risk

Expedition and day based programmes designed to challenge young people, build confidence and promote change in attitudes and behaviour. Many programmes have a facilitated discussion component on themes relevant to young people and the challenges they face.

Two of our major programme initiatives for youth at risk are The Journey and Te Wero Aki. Te Wero Aki is a Child, Youth and Services funded initiative. It is run as a partnership programme with the men’s and boys anger management service Man Alive. Referrals and assessment is undertaken by Man Alive.

“All of us discovered a new person in us, and were determined to be that person back in our schools and communities.” Youth development programme participant

People with intellectual and/or physical disabilities

We are committed to providing programmes that are able to include people with physical and/or intellectual disabilities. Programmes are specifically designed to be pitched at the right level of adventure, to build confidence and to help social development.

Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation

Adding an adventure component to an alcohol and drug rehabilitation service can help clients see themselves in a different light, find less destructive avenues for risk taking and provide positive experiences that counselling staff can build upon.

Migrant Services

Starting life in a new country can be tough. The outdoors is part of the fabric of New Zealand society and these programmes not only help participants experience outdoor adventures and how New Zealander’s view and care for the outdoors but also help build personal confidence.

Youth Groups

Scouts and Guides, Boys and Girls Brigades, ICONZ, church youth groups and sports clubs. We can add adventure to your programme. Check out our indoor climbing walls for a great evening out or ask about a day trip adventure or weekend camping programme.


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