The Environment Matters

The Environment Matters

We have long believed that the environment matters. The following statement was developed with other Christian adventure organisations at a gathering at Raurimu, June 2011.

Environmental Care for Christian Adventure Organisations (NZ)

Raurimu Accord, June 2011

We believe in God who is the creator, sustainer and restorer of his Creation, which he pronounced good.

God has called us to engage with people in outdoor adventure contexts, helping them to interact holistically with the Creation.

We seek to conduct our activities in ways that also protect, care for and restore Creation now and for generations to come.


  • empower lives of personal responsibility, which lead to restored relationships with the Creator, the world around us and other people
  • design programmes informed by the principles of Leave No Trace
  • promote awareness of other creatures and our need to protect and care for them
  • model sustainable practices for management of our buildings, properties and activities
  • challenge the pervasive consumerism that underpins environmental decay
  • minimize impacts of travel on local and global ecological systems
  • seek opportunities to partner with conservation organisations

Founding Signatories:

Adventure Specialties Trust, Capernwray New Zealand, The Salvation Army Blue Mountain Adventure Centre, Scripture Union New Zealand, Alpha Outdoors, Messiah College